4th Annual Live Partnership Conference

June 2022

The 3rd Annual Partnership Conference

June 15th & 16th, 2021

Agenda – 2021 Partnership Conference – Day One

This year’s theme wasPartnerships Reimagined”. Together with thought leaders from across the partnership spectrum, attendees were challenged to rethink partnership best practices, measuring outcomes, and engaging Canadians.

9:00 AM Welcome and Kick off

Chris Baylis
The Sponsorship Collective
President & CEO

Brad Offman

Brad Offman
Spire Philanthropy

9:15 AM Opening Plenary

Phil Haid
Public inc.

Purpose beyond the pandemic: what the future holds

The pandemic has accelerated the shift to stakeholder capitalism, forcing corporate, nonprofit and government leaders to confront the interplay between social and environmental issues, politics and increased consumer, employee and citizen demands. Navigating this accelerated “purposeful world” is not easy. The first step is understanding the trends and how to best engage. Phillip will lay out key trends in the “new normal” and what organizations can do to lean in effectively to grow their impact and bottom line.

Companies and nonprofits ignore it at their peril. The shift has been underway for some time and has accelerated over the past 3 years with proof points such as Blackrock annual letters, Business Roundtable, growth of BCorp movement, carbon neutrality, rise of circularity.

Pandemic has accelerated it as leaders are forced

09:45 AM Workshops

Sponsorship Stream

Catherine Brown
Allen Davidov
Environics Analytics
Senior Vice President & Practice Leader
Catherine Brown
Jennifer Robins
Environics Analytics
Director, Business Development
NFP & Education Lead

Audience Data: Why it Matters and How to Use it to Grow Your Corporate Partnership Program

Participants will learn…
• How does Audience Data apply to your charity and sponsorship programs?
• Whether or not your team is maximizing corporate partnerships opportunities?
• How to show ROI of your sponsorship program.

Learning Objectives:
1. Better understand how Audience Data can be used to support sponsorship programs.
2. Learn how to maximize your data base, regardless of if it’s in good or rough shape.
3. How you can use data to help you get more of the right sponsors and show a ROI.

Social Impact Stream

Catherine Brown

Bruce MacDonald
Imagine Canada
President & CEO of Imagine Canada

Innovative Funding Practices Emerging from the Global Pandemic

Join Imagine Canada’s President & CEO, Bruce MacDonald, for a candid conversation about the adaptations and innovations made to corporate funding practices in response to supporting causes during Covid-19.  Hear from your CSR and Community Investment colleagues about the changes they’ve made to their partnerships with charitable and nonprofit organizations.  This open and interactive discussion will explore the trend of ‘unrestricting’ funds previously earmarked for particular programs.

10:15 AM Workshops

Sponsorship Stream

Catherine Brown
Judy Haber
Senior Partner
Performance Sponsorship Group

Sponsorship Sales Strategy for Events

Judy Haber has been pricing, packaging, and selling sponsorships since 1990. Considered best in class, she is one of the top sellers of Corporate Sponsorship in the country.
Since March 2020, Judy has identified in excess of $6.5 million in Corporate Sponsorship support for various projects across the country.
Some companies Judy has worked with include GFL, Shaw, Rogers, New Balance, Enbridge, Lexus, Canalta Hotels, The Co-Operators, and Leons, just to name a few.
Please join Judy for her presentation on how to best package and attract corporate support for your event.

Social Impact Stream

Guarav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta
National Social Impact – KPMG Canada
Senior Manager

Virtual program, real impact: Pivoting in the middle of a pandemic

Gaurav will share how KPMG worked with one of its national alliances to pivot an in-person community volunteering program to one that was fully virtual, and how the program was scaled to multiple locations. The case study will also dive into details of innovating and operationalizing the program, creating employee engagement, challenges faced—and the impact on an underserved community disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

10:45 AM Break

11:00 AM Networking Session

11:00am – 11:15am – Session 1
11:15am – 11:30am – Session 2

Networking Rounds tables
1.  Accelerist- Brittany Hill
2.  Aviva – Eric Saarvala
3. Blackbaud – Michelle Turchanikova
4. impakt – Elana Hazghia
5. Keurig Dr Pepper Canada – Coralie-Jade Fournier
6. Ramp – Shelley Mayer + team

11:30 AM Workshops

Sponsorship Stream

Catherine Brown
Shelley Mayer
Ramp Communications Inc.

Founder & President
Catherine Brown
Paul Joliat

Assistant Vice-President, Global Partnership

Cause Sponsorships: Getting Clear on the Impact

According to Imagine Canada, the most effective companies measure the benefits of their community investment strategy. But where to begin? A theory of change model can help to break down how an intervention can ultimately lead to a desired result or impact. Getting clear on your theory of change will lay a foundation for your organization’s social impact strategy and can ultimately serve to ensure you are designing powerful cause sponsorship programs that intentionally and deliberately maximize impact.

Social Impact Stream

Brittany Hill
Brittany Hill

Founder & CEO

Top 5 Valuation and Prospecting Tips to Land Your Next Big Corporate Partnership in 2021!

The rules of the game have changed in 2021. Now is the time to revitalize and reposition your organization’s value to ensure you are putting your best foot forward and landing valuable partners. Join Accelerist, the leader in corporate partnership technology, to learn the top 5 must-do tips when it comes to positioning your organization’s refreshed value and prospecting right-fit corporate partners. All participants will receive a 2021 Corporate Partnership Roadmap to help you and your team implement and take action. We can’t wait to see you there!

12:00 PM Workshops

Sponsorship Stream


Social Impact Stream

Brittany Hill
Michelle Turchanikova

Account Executive, CSR, Employee Engagement

Inspiring Employee Action through Community

As we look towards a digital future, inspiring our employees to remain active in our communities will continue to evolve. This is where virtual volunteering, innovative skills and ideas, and giving back in meaningful will become an opportunity not only to re-build our communities, but inspire us to change the way we live our everyday lives. Discussion:

  • Engaging your internal stakeholders – how to effectively engage with C-Suite, HR, Brand, Communications and your ESG teams so each of you have a hand in inspiring employees. (i.e.: engagement surveys, skills workshops, ERG’s)
  • Localizing your impact – how to collaborate with your employees to create localized impact in the communities they live, work, and play in! (expanding the landscape of causes, understanding what your employees do outside of the organization)
  • Story Listening & Telling – Tracking stories along the way, and inspiring employee action by featuring success stories

12:30 PM Lunch Break

1:00 PM Workshops

Sponsorship Stream

Catherine Brown

Cristin Christopher
 Nipissing University

Director of External Relations

The Hero’s Journey: How to triumph over adversity

Getting your team on board is hard work! In this thought provoking and engaging session, Cristin will use the Hero’s Journey to describe steps to overcome silos, create buy in, and ‘sell’ your idea to your team and leadership.  This session will include tactics on how to shift internal mindset from resistance to acceptance, cultivate a culture of collaboration and communication and lead the journey into a new era of corporate partnerships for your organization.

Social Impact Stream

Brittany Hill
Stéphane Glorieux
Keurig Dr Pepper Canada

Brittany Hill
Jean-Luc Lavergne

Founder and Leader

Innovative Partnership Towards Circular Outcomes

Keurig Dr Pepper Canada found in Lavergne, a Montreal-based producer of high quality recycled plastics, the perfect partner to support its journey towards circular business and manufacturing practices. During this session, the leaders from those two organizations will draw a portrait of their unique partnership based on innovation, forward-thinking, collaboration and mutual trust.

1:30 PM Workshops

Sponsorship Stream

Catherine Brown
Ed Byers

Director, Membership & Business Development

How to get “buy-in” from the team on your sponsorship program!

As sponsorship experts, we know the value of partnership and how it can deliver on your organizational goals, but sometimes your coworkers see it as a necessary evil. In this 30 minute session, we will break down sponsorship benefits and the importance of rallying your team behind your sponsor from the beginning.

Social Impact Stream

Brittany Hill
Leila Fenc
Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation

Executive Director
Brittany Hill
Dr. Adriana Shnall
Program Director, Baycrest@Home, Clinical Programs & Koschitzky Centre for Innovations in Family Caregiving

Brittany Hill
Elizabeth Castrillon
Director Advisory Services, Social Impact


Partnering for Caregivers

Solving the world’s most pressing social issues depends on cross-sector partnerships and intersectoral collaborations. The development of the recently launched Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation was informed by collaboration and co-creation with organizations in the caregiving space that provided knowledge and expertise and helped to develop new programs to support the needs of caregivers. In this session, Petro-Canada, impakt and Baycrest will walk through the journey they took together to build their partnership and develop the innovative e-learning modules that provide essential help to caregivers

2:00 PM Break

2:15 PM Rapid Fire

Bhaskar Goswami
Bhaskar Goswami


The Age of Generosity: Business 2.0

A case for making generosity the fundamental practice of an organization. Bhaskar Goswami, the founder of the CBC award winning non-profit called ‘daana’ will explore the lessons learnt from the front line of an organization dedicated to cultivating generosity as a practice. It’s a radical shift from ‘business as usual’, with profound implications.

2:30 PM Workshops

Sponsorship Stream

Catherine Brown
Mena Gainpaulsingh
Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights


The Discovery Meeting: How to make the most out of an excellent opportunity

Congratulations on securing your first discovery meeting with a new corporate prospect!

Your discovery meeting can be the gateway to significant funds, but you need to know what you are looking for. It is common for the conversation to automatically head down the corporate philanthropy path, which can be excellent for your organization, but you could be missing an opportunity to raise significantly more unrestricted funds through sponsorship. In this session we’ll talk about how you can make the most of the meeting to open up new funding streams that helps you to meet your revenue goals.

Social Impact Stream

Catherine Brown
Jill Lewis
Aviva Canada

Lead, Corporate Responsibility
Catherine Brown
Sander Jansen, MSc
KPMG Canada

Senior Manager, Sustainability Service
Andrew Craig
Andrew Craig

Senior Director, Sustainability

Time for bold action to realize a net zero future

Companies such as Aviva Canada and RBC are taking bold steps to help tackle the climate crisis, making ambitious net zero announcements. But what does that mean to their respective organizations and how will they turn these commitments into reality? This presentation will touch on their action plans in progress and address some tough questions. They will share the importance of a just transition, particularly for Canada given our resource economy and nature/ecosystem crisis. The session will also explore how they work with other companies and develop partnerships.

3:00 PM Closing speaker

Andreas Souvaliotis
Retired Social Entrepreneur

Surprising lessons from the implosion of a supernova venture

Five counterintuitive lessons from a spectacular business failure

3:30 PM Closing Remarks

Chris Baylis
The Sponsorship Collective
President & CEO

Brad Offman

Brad Offman
Spire Philanthropy

3:40 PM PRogram ends

Agenda – 2021 Partnership Conference – Day Two

9:00 AM Welcome and Day Kick off

9:10 AM Opening Plenary

Brad Offman

Brad Offman
Spire Philanthropy

Rickesh Lakhani
Future Possibilities for Kids

Executive Director
Kate Bahen
Managing Director of Charity Intelligence

Charity Intelligence Canada
Jon Packer
Communications and Media Strategist

Company: Packer & Co.

When Things Go Bad: The Impact of Scandal on Corporate-Charitable Partners.

Like all successful partnerships, corporate-charitable relationships are based on a foundation of trust and shared understanding. But what happens when the charity, or the corporation, is rocked by scandal. How does this impact the relationship? Can it survive? Should it survive? How should each party manage its communication with external stakeholders? And what impact do these scandals have on the broader partnership landscape?

9:40 AM Workshops

Sponsorship Stream

Mark Sabourin
Mark Saborin 
The Sponsorship Collective; former Editor and Publisher

The Sponsorship Report

Purpose, Partnership, and the Joy of Risk

Purpose-driven brands, a model championed by Unilever CEO Alan Jope and increasingly embraced elsewhere, can challenge the safe paradigm that has historically governed charitable partnerships, which are customarily built around achievable goals. However, consumers who passionately share a brand’s purpose will expect bold action that may run the risk of failure, or at least the risk of coming up short. Paradoxically, it is the very risk of failure that may bind the consumer to the brand in its quest to achieve its stated purpose. The risk of failure raises the emotional stakes. If the objective is noble and bold, and the effort is substantial and genuine, consumers may reward failure as much as they would reward success.

Social Impact Stream

Brittany Hill

Mark Blumberg
Blumberg Segal LLP


Should Our Corporation Establish A Corporate Foundation?

Many successful companies have established a corporate foundation, while others have not. In this presentation, we will discuss:

• Why would your corporation want a foundation?
• Different corporate foundations for different corporations
• Some flawed reasons to establish a corporate foundation
• Some of the disadvantages of having a corporate foundation
• Options for structure and control of such organization

10:10 AM Workshops

Sponsorship Stream

Catherine Brown

Christopher Norwood
Dusk Music Festival

Director of Marketing & Partnerships, Co-Owner

Media Partnerships: Myths and Reality

Media partnerships can be the key to success for a lot of events, organizations and properties, but what are they and how do they work? This session will dispel the biggest myth of media partnerships and provide an interesting perspective on how they can be beneficial to both sides of the partnership equation.

Social Impact Stream

Elisabeth Dove
Elizabeth Dove
Volunteer Canada
Director, Corporate Citizenship
Elisabeth Dove
Rachel Dick
Coast Capital Savings
Senior Manager, Social Purpose Business Innovation
Elisabeth Dove
Gina Jordan
Manager, Corporate Citizenship

Corporate employee community engagement in the pandemic and the “after times”

Panel with Rachel Dick & Gina Jordan

Presenters will share adaptations in their approach to employee volunteerism and other employee community engagement activities as a result of the pandemic, lessons learned, and their forecast for post-pandemic implications for companies and their relationship with non-profits.

10:40 AM Break

10:50 AM Rapid Fire

Rose Lipton
Executive Director

Indigo Love for Reading Foundation
Gail Banack
Chief Kids & Baby Officer

Indigo Books and Music


Maximize Your Impact

In this presentation, we will share how we successfully integrated the Indigo Kids and Baby businesses with the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation’s social impact mission. We will provide insights on how we developed and launched two distinct and successful cause marketing programs in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. We will outline where we started, the conditions that allowed for our partnership to thrive, how we brought these programs to market, and ultimately how this partnership allowed us to drive the best possible results for both brand and community.

Rusul Alrubail
Executive Director

Parkdale Centre for Innovation

Launch and Maintain Smart & Inclusive Partnerships

Launching and maintaining smart and inclusive partnerships with the right people and organizations can be one of the fundamental pillars for your business and organization. How do you work with partners and ensure that they are aligned with your organization’s mission and vision, especially from an inclusive and equitable lens? In this short fireside chat, I’ll share a several strategies we’ve adopted and maintained at Parkdale Centre for Innovation when working with our corporate partners and how they have been successful in maintaining both of our vision and mission of inclusion, while successfully delivering on our business mandate.

11:20 AM Workshops

Sponsorship Stream

Catherine Brown
Mark Makin

Founder & Director

Audiences Connected

As consumers, we either search for something that we want and need, or, we can find ourselves spontaneously engaging into something that we did not know was available.

We recognise that this is the same when it comes to the sponsorship experience.

Today, our customers talk to us about the need to improve the sponsorship experience, the need to connect audiences quicker, the need to improve process, increase transparency, and increase awareness of opportunities and experiences.

Through technology, data and insight, we will ensure that Rights Holders, Brands and Consumers can search, connect, interact and transact with the audiences and experiences that they want and need access to.

Spontza, through our technology solutions, will be the enablement to improve the sponsorship experience.

Social Impact Stream

Brittany Hill
Valerie Chort

Vice President, Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability

Building an authentic brand through social impact

Moving from brands to stands. Consumers and a broad range of stakeholders are increasingly expecting more from brands, taking note of how they value their employees, engage in their communities and address important societal issues – from climate change to racial inequality. It provides an opportunity for brands to demonstrate their relevance and create a differentiated value proposition for key stakeholders.


At RBC, our approach to delivering social impact in anchored in our ‘more than money’ philosophy where we bring our collective resources, talents, and connections to make meaningful impact on relevant issues. This includes working with our community partners, subject matter experts, and the private and public sectors. In this session, you will hear about RBC’s journey to delivering social impact – how RBC prioritized its social impact focus areas, built community credibility, embedded social impact throughout the organization, and unlocked the potential of our people and communities to deliver collective impact and create business value.

11:50 AM Final Closing Remarks

Chris Baylis
The Sponsorship Collective
President & CEO

Brad Offman

Brad Offman
Spire Philanthropy

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