2020 Virtual Partnership Conference

October 6 & 7, 2020

2020 Virtual Partnership Conference

October 6 & 7, 2020
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Agenda – Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

This year’s theme is “Partnerships Reimagined”. Together with thought leaders from across the partnership spectrum, you will be challenged to rethink partnership best practices, measuring outcomes and engaging Canadians.

The agenda will continue to evolve, so keep checking back for updates.

9:00 AM Opening Plenary


9:40 AM Setting the Stage

Chris Baylis
The Sponsorship Collective
President & CEO


10:20 AM Breaking the Corporate-Charity Partnership mold

Catherine Brown
Catherine Brown
AVIVA Canada
VP Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility
Pamela Fusseli
President, CEO

Parachute, a Canadian charity dedicated to injury prevention, and Aviva Canada, a national insurer, co-created the Elementary Road Safety program to make tangible environmental changes that improve school zone safety. The two organizations are taking collaborative action to the next level, harnessing their complementary expertise, data and innovations to generate meaningful social impact. Hear about the early wins and bumps along the road on their partnership journey.

11:00 AM Break

11:15 AM Change for Good Leadership

Paul Klein
Founder and CEO

How has the COVID crisis impacted your ability to make meaningful social change in partnership with other organizations? What can be learned from how organizations in different countries are working together to help solve social problems? What will the “new normal” be for cross-sector partnerships?

In this session, Paul Klein, Founder & CEO of Impakt, will lead a Change for Good conversation with social purpose leaders from around the world. This session builds on a series of conversations about the future of business and social change that impakt convened at the outset of the COVID crisis. Viewers will benefit from getting ideas and inspiration during a time when many are facing an unprecedented level of uncertainty about the future.

11:55 AM The Circular Plastics Taskforce:
a unique collaboration model towards a circular
plastics economy

Marie-Anne Champagne Guimond
Marie-Anne Champoux-Guimond
Keurig Dr Pepper Canada
Pascal Lachance
Danone Canada

Senior Manager, Sustainable Development,

This session will showcase the Circular Plastics Taskforce as an innovative collaboration model

12:35 PM Coming Soon…..

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1:00 PM Lunch Break

1:30 PM RBC Presentation

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2:10 PM TBD

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2:50 PM Public Presentation

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Agenda – Tuesday, October 7th, 2020

9:00 AM TBD

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9:10 AM Accelerist Presentation

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9:40 AM What Happens Next?
Community Investment & Social Good in the Age of COVID-19

Steven Ayer
Common Good Strategies

Alexandra Gardner
Imagine Canada

Company leaders need to rethink how they support their communities during these turbulent times. As coronavirus puts pressure on individuals, the economy, and society as a whole, there is an opportunity for businesses to be more innovative and impactful in their community investment practices. They can play a key role in recovery, by providing their voice to social issues and supporting vulnerable populations, lending their expertise and networks, and providing funding where it’s needed most.

Join us as we highlight the most impactful social, economic, and philanthropic trends uncovered in Imagine Canada’s latest research on the state of social good and corporate community investment. In this session you will discover the most meaningful changes happening in 2020 and 2021, anticipate new demands from your employees, consumers, and nonprofit partners, and learn new ideas to adapt your strategy accordingly.

10:20 AM Future of Good Presentation

Coming Soon…..

11:00 AM Break

11:15 AM Adapting to better engage corporate stakeholders
in community

Elisabeth Dove
Elizabeth Dove
Volunteer Canada

Director, Corporate Citizenship

Based on survey data drawn from business, non-profits and the public during COVID-19, we will explore the opportunities for companies and community to work together to engage employees and other business stakeholders in causes.

11:55 AM Audience Data: Why it Matters & How to Use it
to Grow Your Corporate Partnership Program

Allen Davidov
Environics Analytics

Vice President of Business Consulting and NFP Practice Lead

Participants will learn…

  • What is Audience Data and Brand Consumption data, and how does it apply to my charity?
  • How to get your database into a state allowing you to maximum data?
  • Whether or not your team is maximizing corporate partnerships opportunities?
  • How to use data to support sponsorship program?

Learning Objectives:

  1. Better understand what Audience Data, and Brand consumption data truly are, how they are can be used to support sponsorship programs.
  2. Learn how to maximize your data base, regardless if it’s in good or rough shape.
  3. Sponsorship should not be keeping you up at night. Understand how to build your pipeline and guide your team towards the right partnerships with the support of data.

12:35 PM RAMP Presentation

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1:00 PM Lunch Break

1:30 PM Carrot Presentation

Coming Soon…..

2:00 PM Creating an impact-led strategy

Kristine Remedios

Chief Inclusion and Social Impact Officer

Kristine Remedios will share how KPMG has reframed its social impact strategy to align around the Sustainable Development Goals, and embedded it across the firm by securing leadership support and creating the right data and reporting frameworks. Kristine will also present a case study on a sponsorship that led to significant employee engagement and deep social impact.

2:50 PM Closing Plenary

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